DELF , Junior version
The Junior version of DELF has the same basic structure as the standard DELF. Only the topics are différents : the materials take into account the interess of young people. It can only be taken by children of secondaire-level âge. The diploma awarded is identical to the standard DELF diploma.
DELF pro or DALF pro for adults
The DELF pro diploma is designed for candidates seeking intial employement opportunities or promotion within a French-Speaking work environment. DEL/DALF is also needed to study in France or in any French Speaking Country.
TEF Canada for immigration
The TEF Canada(The d'évaluation de Français pour le Canada) is test of general French which assesses the level of proficiency in French of francophones and non-francophones alike. It is a test needed to obtain the Canadian citizenship and to immigrate to Canada.
Our German courses are certified by GOETHE-INSTIUT. It is fun and easy. Register now. Children , Tiens Courses . Classes are available in weekdays as well as in weekends. We run German exams for all levels of ability , ranging from A1 to C2. The Goethe-Zertifickat A1 and all other higher level certificates (A2-C2) provide suitable evidence of language skills requierd for permission to be granted to join your husband or wife in Germany.
DELE Certificates
DELE is the only official Spanish certificates. To work in any Spanish fields, we need the DELE Certificates.
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